Why Parental Control Apps are Saviour of Today’s Internet Generation

Today, parents have no option but to allow their kids to use technology, the internet and digital devices to communicate with friends and explore the world of knowledge. But, at the same time, you cannot be sure that your kids are only using the internet and their smartphone/computer for good things and not indulging in any harmful activities.

There are a number of things that can be deemed harmful or even physically and mentally dangerous for internet users, especially the kids. These include cyberbullying, pornography, malware, hacking, violence, among other things.

As a parent, it’s therefore your responsibility to at least keep an eye on your child’s internet/smartphone activities and take the appropriate action as and when needed to ensure their safety online. A parental control app can effectively help you with that.

What’s a parental control app and how does it work?

A parental control app is a smart application or software designed to be used on a computer, smartphone or any other digital device. Depending on the parental control app you’re using, it may have a range of features, such as location tracking, internet history tracking, smartphone tracking, social monitoring, etc.

In general, a parental control app needs to be installed in a target device in order to track its activities. For instance, if you want to know what your kid is doing on his/her smartphone, you can install a parental control mobile app in his phone and start tracking activities like phone calls, messages, social chats, videos/pics they share online, browser history, phone location, etc. The aim is to know when your kids are in danger and need you to protect them.

What kind of dangers are we talking about?

When using the internet and social media, your kids may become prone to a range of potential threats and dangers, most of which emerge from the access and use of malicious content like pornography, violence, etc. Also, there exist people on social media and other places on the internet who can do harm to your kids for monetary and other reasons.

The most common types of internet threats include:

  • Cyberbullying — Anyone can use your kids’ personal data, information, pics, videos, etc. to bully or threaten them.
  • Hacking & malware — Unsecured online activities of your kids may lead to hacking by unseen parties.
  • Malicious content — access to content like pornography and violence that may affect your child’s mental wellbeing.
  • Social media — While allowing your kids to talk to friends as well as strangers, social media can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Other reasons to use parental controls

If you’re still not satisfied that parental control apps are actually helpful for parents, here are some other ways a parental control app can help your and your kids/family.

Ensure cyber security

When your kids are using the internet, they have access to a vast variety of content, so how do they know which content is good and which is bad? You as a parent should teach these things to your kids. Moreover, you can use a parental control app to monitor your child’s online activities to ensure they are only accessing the good parts of the internet and not going into bad territories.

Manage screen time

Most of today’s kids spend too much time on their smartphone and the internet that they end up being physically and/or mentally weak. The constant use of digital devices and access to malicious content can do more harm to our kids than we can imagine. So, use a parental control app to limit the screen time for your kids, i.e. control for how long they can use the internet and digital devices. It also helps save time for other important things like study and playing.

Online privacy

Using a parental control app to monitor and control your child’s online activities will also help you protect the online privacy and reputation of your kids. If your kids are sharing private things with strangers, you can find out and prevent it when there is still time.

Learn cyber laws

The use of a good parental control app will also help your kids learn cyber etiquette and rules to follow when using the internet. This will help ensure they remain alert and not accessing the content which can be harmful to them.

The best parental control app out there…

In my experience, the Titan Family Security app is one of the best and comprehensive parental control apps that allows you not just to monitor the online activities of your kids but also to track their location to know they are safe wherever they are.

You can download and use the Family Security app for free from the app store on your phone. Install the app and start tracking the security of your kids and family.




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