Why It’s Time to Diversify Your Portfolio with Titan Coin

Even after the years of the successful journey of cryptocurrencies, most users are still afraid of investing in digital money. They’d rather stay contained with traditional investments like bank deposits and mutual funds. Well, it’s certainly a good thing to invest in traditional assets.

You know them and trust them, and you know about the risks associated with traditional investments. The same thing cannot be said for cryptocurrencies. For most people, it still feels like a bubble that will eventually burst. Even for investment, cryptocurrency is considered something full of risks.

But, what if it’s not?

When we think of cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to our mind is Bitcoin. And why not? Most of us heard of bitcoin before we came to know about cryptocurrencies in general.

In fact, many of us might think that bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency there is, which couldn’t be far from true. The cryptocurrency industry is quite wide, with hundreds of digital currencies and many more coming.

So, when you are wondering whether or not to invest in cryptocurrencies, make sure to consider all the cryptocurrencies and not just bitcoin.

Why traditional investors should invest in cryptocurrencies (Titan Coin)

First of all, diversifying your investment portfolio is probably the best way to minimize the risk. The more you invest in different assets, the further your risk can be reduced.

If you are already investing in traditional assets such as bonds and/or stocks, your risk preference would be moderate to high. Now, you can further reduce the risk of your portfolio by investing in more, safer, and less risky assets.

For those who think cryptocurrencies are very risky, I would ask to think again.

Crypto investments are risky only if you invest in a highly volatile coin like bitcoin. If you want to keep your risk probability in check while earning good enough returns, you should rather be looking for more significant and high-potential coins.

For instance, Titan Coin is backed by a powerful project and has a good demand as a global payment system. Also, the volatility of the coin is quite low compared to bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. So, naturally, investing in TTN will help mitigate risk on your portfolio and increase your profitability.

The reason why Titan Coin is less risky is that the coin price has little correlation with other asset classes like mutual funds. So say if a pandemic hits the economy and all the assets are down, the TTN will still continue to grow and give you good returns.

Why not bitcoin?

But, if you have made up your mind to invest in cryptocurrencies, shouldn’t your first preference be bitcoin? For most people, it is. Well, not for me.

If you have been keeping a close eye on the bitcoin trends, you would know that bitcoin is scarcely making any profits now. With the mining difficulty increased earlier this year, even bitcoin mining is no longer profitable, unless you have serious mining hardware.

So, I prefer to stay with trends and invest in things that have good potential to grow. For bitcoin, it’s mostly Luck by Chance. I’d rather invest in a good concept like Titan Coin.

That to say, I don’t mean that you should not invest in bitcoin. I’m just saying there are better options out there.