Top Reasons Why Titan coin should be Investors’ Favorite Crypto choice in 2020

Titan coin (TTN) is a digital payment currency that was launched about two years back with the aim to make it convenient and affordable for common people (masses) to make global/cross-border payments.

Titan coin is based on blockchain technology and facilitates a peer-to-peer transfer of digital currencies. Some of the things that make the Titan coin unique include high security and fast speed of transactions.

If you are wondering why you, as an investor, should buy the Titan coin or how investment in the TTN can benefit you in the long term, here are some points to motivate you:

Titan coin for digital payments

TTN is a coin, which means it is designed to act as a means for digital payments. Just like the dollar or any other fiat currency, you can use the Titan coin for making payments to anyone, anywhere in the world (where it is accepted). The underlying blockchain technology ensures that the payments through the Titan coin network are highly secure, fast and immutable.

It is secure, fast & global

Titan coin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to employ a hybrid blockchain with SHA265 + GROESTL (dual algorithm) that not just speeds up the transactions but also improves the security of the user data and deposits. So, you’ll be able to use the Titan coin for performing cross-border transactions that are fast and secure.

Titan coin for staking (& mining)

Since the Titan coin employs both PoS and PoW consensus systems, the users can stake as well as mine new coins, depending on the availability. While the Titan coin mining system uses the PoW method for verification, the staking of the coins is based on the PoS consensus, which is more secure and reliable.

Titan coin is based on a custom blockchain

The blockchain of Titan coin is custom-made and takes inspiration from many other leading blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It employs the SHA265 security architecture, the same as bitcoin. The merge of multiple systems allows better performance and more efficiency in the Titan blockchain.

Titan coin trading

Besides digital payments, trading is another common activity involving the Titan coin. It’s all about buying and selling the coin for a profit. To enable traders to immediately and easily liquidate their Titan coins (as & when needed), the coin has been listed on multiple exchange platforms, including Crex24, P2PB2B, Mercatox, TTNEX, and SouthXchange.

It is increasing in value with each passing day

Ever since the Titan coin was first listed on the exchange, it’s value has been constantly rising, thanks to its innovative product architecture and systems. As reported by CoinMarketCap, the price of the Titan coin has increased by almost four times in the last few months, and it will continue to go yo. Buy now before it’s too late.

Titan coin has wallets for multiple platforms

Since Titan coin is intended to be used in digital payments everywhere, the team has created wallet apps for multiple platforms, including Windows wallet, Web wallet, Mac wallet, and Linux wallet, allowing users to easily store, manage and make payments through Titan coins with merchants, e-commerce sites, etc. all over the world.

Titan coin exchange will launch soon

Another good news is that the team will also launch a dedicated crypto exchange platform for the Titan coin. It will allow users to trade TTN and many other cryptocurrencies using bank accounts and multiple other payment options. The exchange development is nearly finished and will launch soon.

Titan projects (& apps) are here, and they’re already famous

The most significant part of the Titan project is, of course, the Titan apps. These are a series of projects or applications that intend to help individuals and businesses with their day-to-day operations while at the same time creating use cases for the Titan coin as payment currency.

The Titan Family Security app, which was launched last year, is already being used by hundreds of parents worldwide to effectively keep track of and protect their kids and families.

Similarly, the Salesman tracking app of Titan is gaining popularity and recognition worldwide. More new apps in the series, including the Titan dating app and the Fantasy gaming app will be launched this year. All the Titan apps accept subscription payments via titan coin.

Everyone is investing in the Titan coin. Why aren’t you?

In recent years, Titan coin has gained a lot of popularity in the market, thanks to its innovative crypto ecosystem and secure digital payment mechanism.

Everyone seems to be talking about or investing in the Titan coin. So, if you are looking for a reliable and high-potential cryptocurrency to invest in 2020, you should definitely check out the Titan coin. Buy before the next price boost.