Top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest during coronavirus

Well, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world. And whether you accept it or not, the economic landscape is going to change a lot in the post-corona world. The assets that were trending may not survive the battle, while other new ones may emerge and shine.

Now, most people will recommend not investing in such unpredictable times, especially not in something as volatile as cryptocurrencies. But, if you are an experienced investor and know how the market works, you also know that this is possibly the best time to invest in digital currencies. Here’s why.

Why you should invest in cryptocurrencies now

Let me tell why now is one of the best times to invest in anything. For one, the market is at an all-time low, and so the price of most of the digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, is lower than usual. Second, the demand for digital assets has dropped in the past few weeks, as not many people are looking to or have money to buy them. So, this is kind of a golden opportunity for those who are looking to invest their funds in secure and valuable assets.

Cryptocurrencies will have a great future in terms of demand and value, once this coronavirus crisis is over, as people will be needing digital assets for both payment and investment purposes.

Don’t be afraid of the market, just make sure you’re investing in the right cryptocurrencies. To ease the job, here is the list of the top 5 cryptocurrencies that I believe will shine beyond the coronavirus pandemic and are the best for investment right now.

1. ETH

The native coin of the Ethereum network will continue to remain one of the best to trade because of one simple reason — it enables third-party companies to build their decentralized app & projects on the Ethereum blockchain. Because of the growing demand of the blockchain and smart contracts, ETH will continue to increase in value.

2. Titan Coin

In the past year or so, Titan Coin (TTN) has already proved itself as a reliable, faster, and quicker method for making P2P cross-border payments. The Titan payment system will soon be ready to be adopted by merchants globally. There are already thousands of consumers & businesses worldwide making use of the Titan projects and trading the coin on the exchanges.

3. Kyber Network (KNC)

Kyber Network is a blockchain-based swap protocol that allows users to interact and transact between different cryptocurrencies. For example, the platform can be used by e-commerce vendors to receive payments in different tokens even though they support only a specific token, as the systems will automatically swap cryptocurrencies into the vendor-preferred token.

The Kyber Network also allows you to build your DApps on its blockchain as well as list your tokens for seamless swaps.

4. Horizen (ZEN)

Horizen claims to host the largest network of nodes out there, which enables the platform to allow the development of third-party public or private blockchains on behalf of businesses/developers who are looking for an affordable and fast blockchain development platform. It integrates a Sidechain SDK with high-end tools for the fast, quick, and affordable deployment of enterprise-level blockchains.

You can buy ZEN from any of the 30+ exchanges where it is listed.

5. Hyperion (HYN)

Hyperion is a decentralized map building platform that not only allows creating and consuming map solutions but also offers a universal map data & service that can be globally accessed and used by billions of people. The Spatial Consensus Protocol of the Hyperion blockchain can record not just location information but also data related to value and other things.

Titan, a privacy-focused map application by Hyperion, uses cryptographic principles to offer map services such as location tracking, positioning, and searching without compromising the privacy of the users.

So, that’s all there is in our list of the top cryptocurrencies for investment during and after the corona pandemic. Feel free to share your own recommendations with us.




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