Titan Projects to Increase Circulation by Selling 50% of Premine Titan coins

In order to increase the circulation of the Titan coin and allow more people to benefit from our cross-border payment system, Titanprojects has decided to sell out around 400 million TTN, which is exactly 50% of the total premine coins.

As of now, TTN has a limited circulation in the market. Only the coins which were either mined or staked before and the ones that were distributed in referral and bounty programs are in circulation. Since we have never sold any coins to the public, the number of TTN in circulation is limited currently.

But, that’s going to change once we start selling 50% of premine TTN coins. The start date for sale will be announced shortly. And the sale will be performed only on the official Titan Exchange, which is https://ttnex.io/.

There will also be a buyback program associated with the upcoming Titan Coin sale. This will be a guaranteed buyback, which means the buyers will be able to sell back their TTN to the company at a fixed (guaranteed minimum) price.

The buyback offer will be in force for at least 6 months or 1 year (to be confirmed at the time of launch). The TTN buyback will ensure the minimum value of the Titan coin. The sale and buyback will take place on the Titan Exchange.

New exciting things are coming along for the Titan users, investors, and partners. If you have already invested in the Titan Coin, keep HODLing your funds, as the value might surge soon with these new launches.

The Titan Exchange (TTNEX) is already live, so you can start trading TTN along with other major cryptocurrencies on the exchange in a low-cost and transparent manner. Also, make sure to subscribe to our official Telegram Channel to stay on top of the latest news & updates about TitanProjects.

Happy Investing!




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