Hello Everyone!! Now Buy #BTC, #USDT & other digital assets with Credit Card directly in the titancoin app. These coins are increasing in transaction volume & holders worldwide, & the additions are a natural expansion of the services @TitanProjects & Simplex provide.

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You can now Buy $Bitcoin & another crypto directly inside the @titancoin app using your credit or debit card!

Bitcoin is a central cornerstone of the @titanprojects.co ecosystem!

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ICO/ Public Sale Cancellation /Pullback!

Dear All, We Could Achieve in a total of 196000 U.S.D. Value Equivalent Titan Coins In Pre ICO Phase1 & 2 and ICO/ Public Sale Phase-1 Held from 23–09–2021 to 21–11–2021.

Unfortunately, Which was not matching the criteria of Participation of soft cap, Therefore Pre Sale & ICO/ Public sale Phases were pulled back.

All Purchases have been reversed. The Participants of Public Sale/ ICO are free to withdraw their funds.



We are excited to announce the #Titancoin ICO PUBLIC SALE LIVE NOW!! Right now, Grab your coolest #Purchase & ReferralBonus 10%!


Titan Projects aims to support blockchain ecosystem and empower individuals, businesses, merchants, and by eliminating intermediaries and providing a reliable alternative to the traditional ecosystem through inbuilt asset issuance system in the Titan Coins’s algorithm. Asset issuance is available on desktop wallets.

Titan Coin- TTN has the following features:

Decentralized Coin

Safest & Secure

Completely Transparent

Low Fee, High Throughput

Duration October 11th to Dec 31, 2021.

Kindly login/register yourself on https://titanprojetcs.co

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Titan Coin — TTN Pre ICO Phase 2

Titan Coin — TTN Pre ICO Phase 2 Live Now…

After successfully completing Phase 1 of #ICOPreSale, #titancoin is starting #ICOPreSalePhase2 from 4 October. In this phase, a total of 160,000,000 TTN will be available to buy at $0.031 Per TTN.

This #ICO Pre-sale #Phase2 also features a #ReferralProgram in which you can gain a #bonus of up to 5%, more details are provided in titanpeojects.co

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Titan Project

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